Three Nights at Fred

140 players

Introducing Three Nights at Fred:

Prepare yourself for a heart-pounding adventure-horror experience with Three Nights at Fred! As the security guard of a haunted pizzeria, you'll face off against terrifying animatronic toys in a battle for survival. Whether you're a fan of FNAF games or simply love a good scare, this 3D survival game promises to deliver thrills and chills like never before.


In Three Nights at Fred, you'll embark on a three-night survival challenge, with each night represented by a level of increasing difficulty. Before each night begins, you'll have the option to choose which animatronic toy will be your enemy: Fred, Foxy, or both.

As you navigate through the pizzeria, your goal is to avoid being caught and killed by the animatronics while searching for hidden notes scattered throughout the environment. Collecting all the notes will allow you to progress to the next level and ultimately escape with your life.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Stay Alert: Keep your eyes and ears open for any signs of the animatronics approaching. Listen for footsteps and other sounds that may indicate their presence.

  2. Use Tools Wisely: Make strategic use of tools such as the wrench and key to navigate the environment and avoid getting caught by the animatronics.

  3. Manage Your Resources: Keep track of your stamina and use it wisely to sprint away from danger when necessary. Don't exhaust yourself too quickly, or you may find yourself vulnerable to attack.

  4. Explore Thoroughly: Search every corner of the pizzeria for hidden notes, but be cautious of the animatronics lurking in the shadows.


  • Spine-Tingling Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a chilling atmosphere filled with suspense and tension.
  • Multiple Enemies and Difficulty Levels: Choose from different animatronic enemies and difficulty levels to tailor the challenge to your skill level.
  • Immersive Controls: Experience seamless gameplay with intuitive controls that put you in the heart of the action.
  • Hidden Notes: Search for hidden notes to uncover the secrets of the pizzeria and progress through the game.

Embark on a terrifying journey through Three Nights at Fred and test your survival skills against the relentless animatronic toys. Can you escape the clutches of Freddy and Foxy, or will you meet a grisly fate? The choice is yours. Good luck, and may you survive the night!


  • Move: Use the WASD keys to move your character.
  • Run: Hold down the shift key to sprint for a burst of speed.
  • Lock Cursor: Press the L key to lock or unlock the cursor.
  • Interact: Use the F key to interact with objects, pick up tools, and open doors.
  • Crouch: Press the C key to crouch and navigate through tight spaces.
  • Use Tools: Press the L key to unlock the view, then use the mouse to select and use tools such as the wrench to start up power lines and the key to open doors.