That's not my neighbor

1408 players

Introducing That's Not My Neighbor

That's Not My Neighbor, created by solo developer Nacho Sama, immerses players in a suspenseful world filled with doppelgangers—beings that eerily mimic humans. Your mission is to uncover the truth about your strange new neighbor.


  • Objective: Gather evidence of your neighbor’s suspicious activities.
  • Exploration: Move through the neighborhood and inside the neighbor's house, interacting with objects to find clues.
  • Stealth: Avoid being seen by the neighbor using crouching, hiding, and silent movement.
  • Puzzles: Solve puzzles to unlock new areas and gather crucial information.
  • Evidence Collection: Collect items like photos, documents, and recordings.
  • Time Management: Some actions can only be performed at specific times of the day.

Tips for Success

  1. Stay Hidden: Use hiding spots effectively to avoid detection.
  2. Observe and Plan: Study the neighbor’s patterns and plan your moves.
  3. Solve Puzzles Carefully: Take your time to piece together information.
  4. Use Distractions: Divert the neighbor’s attention to explore safely.
  5. Manage Time: Pay attention to the in-game clock to maximize efficiency.

That's Not My Neighbor offers a thrilling mix of mystery, stealth, and puzzle-solving. Uncover the secrets of your enigmatic neighbor and navigate through an ever-evolving, suspenseful adventure.


Using mouse.