Backrooms Among Us Rolling Giant

82 players

Introducing Backrooms Among Us Rolling Giant:

Backrooms Among Us Rolling Giant merges the unsettling concept of the Backrooms with the popular gameplay of Among Us, adding a twist of excitement by introducing a rolling giant that must be avoided at all costs. Players find themselves trapped in an endless maze of Backrooms, where they must complete tasks, uncover impostors, and evade the relentless pursuit of the rolling giant.


  1. Survival is Paramount: Your primary goal is to survive. Avoid the rolling giant, complete tasks, and root out impostors to increase your chances of making it out of the Backrooms alive.

  2. Complete Tasks: Just like in Among Us, players must complete a series of tasks scattered throughout the Backrooms. These tasks are essential for survival and may provide valuable resources or information to help identify impostors.

  3. Identify Impostors: Be vigilant and keep an eye out for impostors hiding among the players. Work together with fellow survivors to uncover the impostors and vote them out before they sabotage your chances of escape.

  4. Evade the Rolling Giant: The rolling giant roams the Backrooms, hunting down anyone in its path. Stay alert and use your wits to outmaneuver the giant, as getting caught could mean certain doom.


  1. Task Completion: Players must work together to complete tasks scattered throughout the Backrooms. These tasks range from simple chores to complex puzzles and must be completed efficiently to avoid drawing attention to yourself.

  2. Impostor Detection: Keep a close watch on your fellow survivors for any suspicious behavior. Hold emergency meetings to discuss your suspicions and vote out impostors before they sabotage your efforts to escape.

  3. Evading the Rolling Giant: As you navigate the maze-like corridors of the Backrooms, be on the lookout for the rolling giant. Use obstacles and hiding spots to your advantage, and coordinate with other players to distract or misdirect the giant's attention.

  4. Escaping the Backrooms: The ultimate goal is to find a way out of the Backrooms and return to safety. Work together with your fellow survivors, complete tasks, and avoid detection to increase your chances of survival and escape.

Backrooms Among Us Rolling Giant offers a unique and thrilling gaming experience that challenges players to survive in a world filled with danger and deception. Will you make it out of the Backrooms alive, or will you fall victim to the rolling giant or impostors lurking in the shadows? The choice is yours.


Using mouse