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What is That's Not My Neighbor?

Released in February 2024, That's Not My Neighbor is a unique 2D horror game with a dark twist on the "job simulator" genre. You take on the role of a doorman in a seemingly ordinary 1955 apartment building. But this seemingly simple job takes a sinister turn when you discover the world is overrun with "doppelgangers" – monstrous creatures that can perfectly mimic humans for nefarious purposes.

Created by a Solo Developer

The brainchild of solo developer Nacho Sama, That's Not My Neighbor is currently available on The game's unique concept and suspenseful gameplay have already garnered a positive response from players despite being in development.

Your Job: More Than Just Greeting Residents

Your role goes far beyond the typical duties of a doorman. You are the first line of defense, tasked with identifying and stopping these doppelgangers from infiltrating the building and harming the residents.

Verifying Identities: A Matter of Life and Death

Using various methods like ID checks, apartment number verification, and even phone calls, you must meticulously scrutinize each visitor. With a wrong decision leading to dire consequences, the game adds a layer of moral weight to your role.

The Threat: Doppelgangers in Disguise

The primary antagonists are not your typical villains. Doppelgangers can perfectly mimic human appearance, voice, and even memories. Their motives remain a mystery, but their presence poses a significant threat to the building's residents.

Your Arsenal: Tools to Keep the Building Safe

Your compact office serves as your command center. Here you'll find the tools you need to identify the imposters:

  • Telephone: Visit Contact the Doppelganger Detection Department (D.D.D.) for clarification or assistance.
  • Checklists: Record every detail of each visitor to identify inconsistencies that might reveal a doppelganger.
  • Security Window: Observe potential intruders through the window. Watch for physical anomalies that might betray their true form.
  • Grant/Deny Entry Buttons: Choose wisely, as the wrong decision could have deadly consequences.
  • Folders: Keep track of resident information for easy reference and identification of discrepancies.
  • Emergency Button: When faced with a confirmed doppelganger, eliminate the threat immediately with this button.
  • Hatch: Receive documents from visitors without direct contact, minimizing the risk of doppelganger infiltration.

Stay Vigilant, Protect Your Residents

That's Not My Neighbor offers a unique blend of horror and job simulation. By paying close attention to detail and utilizing your tools effectively, you can ensure the safety of your residents and keep the doppelgangers at bay.


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