Scary Teacher Ann 3D

141 players

Introducing Scary Teacher Ann 3D

Scary Teacher Ann 3D plunges players into the heart-pounding world of a school where the notorious teacher, Ann, reigns supreme. As a student trapped within its walls, your mission is to escape her clutches by collecting hidden books while evading detection. The stakes are high, and the fear is real as you navigate through the school's corridors, solving puzzles, and outsmarting Ann to make your daring escape.

Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Stealth and Strategy: Sneak through the school undetected, carefully avoiding Ann's watchful gaze by hiding behind objects and timing your movements.
  • Puzzle Solving: Explore various rooms and solve intricate puzzles to locate hidden books, each one bringing you closer to freedom.
  • Quick Reflexes: React swiftly to Ann's movements and change your course to evade her grasp, utilizing the environment to your advantage.
  • Resource Management: Utilize limited resources wisely, such as distraction items or hiding spots, to outwit Ann and progress through the game.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Stay Hidden: Use the environment to your advantage by hiding behind objects like desks, lockers, or curtains to avoid Ann's line of sight.
  2. Observe Patterns: Study Ann's patrol routes and behavior patterns to anticipate her movements and plan your escape accordingly.
  3. Use Distractions: Utilize items like marbles or noise-makers to divert Ann's attention away from your location, creating openings for you to sneak past.
  4. Be Patient: Timing is crucial; wait for the right moment to make your move and avoid rushing into risky situations.
  5. Explore Thoroughly: Search every nook and cranny of the school to uncover hidden books and secrets that may aid your escape.


  • Immersive Environments: Explore intricately designed school settings filled with interactive elements and hidden surprises.
  • Challenging Levels: Navigate through increasingly difficult levels, each presenting new challenges and obstacles to overcome.
  • Terrifying Antagonist: Face off against Ann, a formidable adversary whose relentless pursuit will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Unlockable Content: Discover unlockable achievements, bonus levels, and hidden secrets as you progress through the game.
  • Engaging Storyline: Immerse yourself in a gripping narrative as you uncover the mysteries of the school and strive to break free from Ann's grip.

Good luck~!


Use mouse