Masked Forces vs Coronavirus

104 players

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Introducing Masked Forces vs Coronavirus:

In Masked Forces vs Coronavirus, players find themselves in the midst of a global crisis as they battle against the relentless spread of the deadly virus. Developed by Unity, this action-packed game plunges players into the heart of the pandemic, where they must navigate through infected zones, eliminate virus-infected enemies, and ultimately confront the source of the outbreak.

As members of the elite Masked Forces unit, players are equipped with powerful weapons and protective gear, ready to take on the virus and its minions. With adrenaline-pumping combat and intense gameplay, players must rely on their skills and quick reflexes to survive and save humanity from devastation.

With each level presenting new challenges and dangers, players must strategize and adapt to overcome obstacles and achieve their mission objectives. From narrow corridors to open battlegrounds, every environment is filled with tension and urgency as players race against time to stem the tide of infection and restore order to the world.

Prepare for an immersive and action-packed experience as you join the fight against the coronavirus in Masked Forces vs Coronavirus. Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge and emerge victorious against the pandemic? The fate of humanity rests in your hands.


  • Movement: Arrow keys or WASD
  • Aim: Mouse
  • Fire: Left-click
  • Reload: R
  • Switch Weapon: Scroll wheel or 1-5 keys
  • Interact: E
  • Pause/Menu: Esc
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