I am Animatronic

184 players

I Am Animatronic: A Frightening Hide-and-Seek Adventure

Prepare to immerse yourself in the chilling world of animatronics with "I Am Animatronic," the latest addition to the beloved category of FNAF Games online. In this hypercasual 3D action game, you'll step into the shoes of a living doll and unleash your inner terror as you hunt down unsuspecting victims.

Gameplay Overview:

As you navigate through the game world, you'll control Freddy, Boonie, Chica, or other characters from the FNAF universe using either mouse or touch controls. Your objective? Collect all the skulls scattered throughout each level and track down the security guard, who roams the area with a flashlight.

Beware of the Guards:

Stay vigilant and avoid being caught in the guards' flashlight beams, as detection spells doom for your progress on the stage. If you're illuminated by the light, you'll need to restart the level and try again. Plan your movements carefully, maneuvering around obstacles and traps to stay hidden from the guards' watchful gaze.

Persistence is Key:

Conquer each level through persistence and strategic thinking. With determination and perseverance, you'll overcome any challenges that stand in your way and emerge victorious in your pursuit of terror.

In conclusion, I Am Animatronic invites you to unleash your inner horror as you navigate through chilling environments and hunt down unsuspecting guards. With its engaging gameplay mechanics and spine-tingling atmosphere, this game promises to deliver thrills and scares aplenty. Are you ready to embrace your terrifying persona and haunt the nightmares of those who dare to cross your path? Join the adventure now and revel in the spine-chilling excitement of I Am Animatronic.


Use mouse