FNAF: Night at Foxy's

211 players

Introducing FNAF: Night at Foxy's:

Prepare for a night of terror and survival in FNAF: Night at Foxy's, a fan-made horror game set in the eerie world of the "Five Nights at Freddy's series. As a night guard at Foxy's Pirate Cove, you'll face relentless animatronic adversaries and must use all your wits to survive until morning.


In FNAF: Night at Foxy's, players take on the role of a night guard tasked with monitoring security cameras and ensuring the establishment's safety. However, things turn sinister as the animatronics come to life at night and roam the halls maliciously.

Your primary objective is to survive multiple nights at Foxy's Pirate Cove by avoiding detection and preventing the animatronics from reaching your location. Players must use the security cameras strategically to track the movements of the animatronics and close doors to block their path when necessary.

As the nights progress, the animatronics become more aggressive and unpredictable, making each night more challenging than the last. Players must stay vigilant and manage their resources carefully to outlast the relentless onslaught of Foxy and his companions.

Tips for Survival:

  1. Monitor Security Cameras: Keep a close eye on the security cameras to track the movements of the animatronics and anticipate their approach.

  2. Manage Power: Conserve power by limiting unnecessary actions such as keeping doors closed for extended periods. Running out of power can leave you vulnerable to attack.

  3. Listen for Audio Cues: Pay attention to audio cues such as footsteps or mechanical noises, which can signal the presence of animatronics nearby.

  4. Use Doors Strategically: Close doors to block the animatronics' path when they are nearby, but be mindful of your remaining power supply.

  5. Stay Calm: Despite the intense atmosphere, try to remain calm and focused. Panic can lead to mistakes that could compromise your survival.


  • Atmospheric Horror: Immerse yourself in a chilling atmosphere filled with suspense and tension.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Use strategic thinking and resource management to outsmart the animatronics and survive the night.
  • Multiple Nights: Test your endurance across multiple nights, with each night increasing in difficulty.
  • Unlockable Content: Unlock additional challenges, modes, and secrets as you progress through the game.

Face the terror of Foxy's Pirate Cove in FNAF: Night at Foxy's and see if you have what it takes to survive the nightmarish ordeal. Good luck, and may you emerge victorious against the animatronic onslaught.


  • Mouse: Navigate menus, interact with objects, and control camera movement.
  • Keyboard: Use keyboard shortcuts to access different functions such as closing doors or toggling between security cameras.