Dear Edmund

144 players

About Dear Edmund

Dear Edmund places players in the heart of a Victorian city, where they must navigate complex moral dilemmas and societal injustices. 

In Dear Edmund, players assume the role of a caretaker of a Victorian street, tasked with addressing the needs and issues of the Empire of Absolute Control. As they navigate the city, players encounter various challenges, including mistreatment of locals and ethical quandaries.

How to Play:

Players must make tough decisions that balance their own interests, the safety of the people, and the trust in the government. They are presented with choices that affect their reputation and influence within the city.

Two pots of money are at the players' disposal: they can choose to be dishonest to accumulate wealth or use their resources to improve the conditions of the streets and help the people. However, dishonest actions diminish trust in the government, making survival more difficult.

Key Elements:

  1. Ethical Decision-Making: Players must weigh the consequences of their actions, considering the impact on the citizens and their relationship with the government.
  2. Resource Management: Balancing personal gain with societal improvement requires strategic allocation of resources and careful planning.
  3. Trust and Reputation: Maintaining trust in the government is essential for survival, as a loss of trust makes it harder to navigate the city and address challenges effectively.


Dear Edmund offers players a compelling narrative experience set in the Victorian era, where moral ambiguity and social responsibility intersect. With its emphasis on ethical decision-making, resource management, and trust-building, the game immerses players in a thought-provoking journey through a tumultuous historical period.